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1.2.1. Map Layer Control Tools

In the topic of interactive screen maps we have the possibility to implement map layer control tools. But what is meant by this? Have a look at the following interactive part to get an idea of this method:


By clicking on the listed checkboxes you are able to switch on and off some layers. A blinking frame shows you the map layer control tools.

Map Layer Control ToolsMap Layer Control Tools

Implementing map layer control tools in an interactive screen map reduces map overlay and gives the users the possibility to create their own map. If one needs the roads in his map e.g. for the orientation but does not want to see the city names he or she is able to switch on or off the corresponding layers.

With map layer control tools, we avoid that the screen map is overcrowded with information. We let the user decide which elements to visualise in the map. If he/she wants to display much information all at once it is his decision and he is free to do so.

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