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1.4. Cartographic Representation Rules for Thematic Maps

Learning Objectives

You will be able...

  • ...to explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative thematic maps.
  • ...to list the three representation methods that can be used for thematic attributes.
  • ...to give three reasons for the question "Why can it be useful to classify data?".
  • ...to list at least three classification methods.
  • ...to say how many colour classes are recommended for thematic maps.
  • ...to list the five generalisation methods of diagram maps.
  • ...to name four interactive functions that can be implemented in a thematic map.


At the beginning of this unit we repeat the theory of thematic cartography in general. Take into account that it is only a repetition of knowledge that we assume is already known. You will find some links that lead to further theory, in case you want to get more information about this topic .


Within the topic of interactive thematic maps you generally have the same possibilities for interactivity as for topographic maps. But there are some more possibilities that have to be considered and may be realised within an interactive thematic map.

In this unit we will introduce some of these possibilities. But before talking about the interactive thematic maps, we will introduce the basic theory of thematic cartography in general.

Example for an interactive thematic map (Institute of Cartography)

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