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1.6.2. Quadratic and Cubic Bézier Curves

Quadratic Bézier Curve

A quadratic Bézier curve is a Bézier curve of degree 2 and is defined through 3 points (P0, P1 and P2)

Quadratic Bézier curveQuadratic Bézier curve

Cubic Bézier Curve

A cubic Bézier curve is a Bézier curve of degree 3 and is defined by 4 points (P0, P1, P2 and P3). The curve starts at P0 and stops at P3. The line P0P1 is the tangent of the curve in point P0. And so it is the line P2P3 in point P3. In general, the curve will not pass through P1 or P2; the only function of these points is providing directional information. The distance between P0 and P1 determines “how long” the curve moves into direction P1 before turning towards P3.

Cubic Bézier curveCubic Bézier curve

Now by considering the applied knowledge about Bézier curves, experience the Cubic Bézier Curve in the following interaction part a second time by moving the blue circles.

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