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1.5. Self Assessment

Multiple Choice Test

Click the right answers in the self assessement below. The "Show Solutions" button allows to compare your answers with the solutions. You can do the test again by clicking on the "Reset All" button.


There is a cookbook of the steps that are necessary for the design of a GUI of an interactive map:

  1. Definition of functional groups
  2. Definition of GUI elements (general and map specific)
  3. Grouping of GUI-elements and structuring of screen layout
  4. Definition of colour concept
  5. Graphical design of GUI-elements

Build groups of four students and make an appointment for a meeting (each group separately). Inform your tutor about the date, location and time you want to meet (at the end of the meeting the tutor will have a look at the solutions).

Each group has to figure out a topic that is to be visualised in an interactive map. Each group will develop a GUI by going through the steps of the presented cookbook. For each step, you have to discuss and define the wanted items (functional groups that will be implemented, how the GUI will be arranged, and so on). Write down your results for each step and show them to the tutor at the end of the meeting. He will discuss your results with you.


You will see that it is not easy to find a solution for a GUI because each member of the group has his/her preferences and opinion. Nevertheless, try to find a solution on which all members of the group agree.

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