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1.3. Layout

Learning Objectives

You will be able to...

  • ...to differ the two screen layout strategies.
  • ...to list the seven colour contrasts according to Itten (1970).


You certainly once looked at an application layout and thought "What an awful layout!". Perhaps, it was only the unsuitable combination of different colours. But it may also be the bad chosen layout strategy for an application.

In this chapter, we introduce you two layout strategies which can be applied to applications. We do not want to give you any advice which layout must be chosen in wich case. We rather show you the possibilities to arrange layout elements on the screen. The decision which layout strategy you want to apply depends on the application, the end users, the content, etc.

Colours play an important role within the topic of layout. Especially the combination of colours must be well chosen. Therefore, we introduce you seven colour contrasts and show you how they effect your eyes and therefore your impression. Neither in this chapter, we give you advices about which contrasts to use and which not. Depending on the effect you want achieve you have to choose the corresponding colour contrast.

Dense Screen LayoutDense Screen Layout (Weskamp)

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