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1.2. XML Introduction

Learning Objectives

You will be able...

  • ...to explain the basic concepts of XML in three points.
  • ...to list at least three properties of XML.


XML is a markup language that features many advantages. Today, XML is very widespread because in 1998 it became a termW3C (World Wide Web Consortium) recommendation. Various technologies such as termXHTML, termSVG, etc. are based on XML. The purpose of XML is to facilitate the sharing of data across different systems, particularly systems connected via the Internet. In addition, XML allows to structure your data in an optimal way. That is why we want to introduce XML in this lesson. XML is       easy to learnXML is easy to learn

In this unit we give you an overview of the properties and the features of XML. In further units you will learn more about the XML's syntax.


For this and the further unit you should have a basic understanding of HTML such as what is a tag and what it is used for, etc. If you want to study this subject first, find a tutorial on the W3C Schools homepage.

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