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1.3. Analysis of user needs

Learning Objectives

You will be able to ...

  • describe what substitutions services are, and suggest examples that affect location-based services
  • describe different methods for eliciting user needs for information
  • formulate an analysis and design program for guiding the development of a location-based service

Perhaps the most important issue in developing a location-based service is to know what users want to obtain information about and as the service develops how well it is meeting these needs. In the WebPark project a continuous program of user needs analysis and evaluation was employed to achieve these goals. This program consisted of four main activities:

  1. The analysis of visitor needs for information and services.
  2. The inventory of existing information sources, so called 'substitution service'
  3. The evaluation of prototypes during the development of the platform with respect to usability
  4. The evaluation of the final platform with respect to needs
Analysis and design planAnalysis and design plan

In this unit you will look at each of these steps in turn and relate them to the design of a location-based service more generally.

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