Module Overview

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Plugin Tests (plugintest)1.2 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)

Module "Multimedia Cartography"

1. Introduction to Multimedia Cartography (histcarto)16.6 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
2. Computer Graphics (graphics)4.6 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
3. Internet Techniques and Web Formats (formats)8.8 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
4. Planning Multimedia Projects (webproject)13.9 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
5. Data Storage and Structure (datastruc)8.4 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
6. Cartographic Design for Screen Maps (cartdesign)58.1 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
7. Navigation - Concepts and Tools (navigation)20.1 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
8. Graphical User Interface - Layout and Design (ui_access)16.2 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
9. Animation and Interactivity (interactiv)19.7 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
10. Standardisation and Webservices (webservice)9.0 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)

Module "Location Based Services"

1. Foundations of Location Based Services (LBSbasics)5.6 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
2. Techniques for LBS Cartography (LBStech)14.1 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
3. Designing Maps for LBS (LBSmaps)18.9 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
4. Solutions for LBS Maps (LBSsolu)8.9 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
5. WebPark: LBS in Action (LBSdata)11.3 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)

Module "3D Applications"

1. 3D Applications - Introduction and Motivation (DDAppIntro)14.6 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
2. 3D Space (DDSpace)5.7 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
3. User Interaction and Navigation (DDUserNav)51.6 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
4. Basic Cartographic Modelling of 3D Space (DDModBasic)15.5 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
5. 3D Visualisation Technologies - Overview (DDVisTech)18.3 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
6. Advanced Cartographic Modelling of 3D Space (DDModAdv)18.9 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
7. Introduction to X3D - eXtensible 3D (DDInterCart)2.4 MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)
8. 3D Applications and Augmented Reality (DDAugmReal)X.X MBIMS (.zip)SCORM (.zip)