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1.4.1. Functional Groups

(2006) specifies the following functional groups (based on the theories of (1993), (1997) and (2005)), that we find in interactive maps (You do not have to memorise all these functions we just want to give you an overview of the existing functions. The most frequently ones are marked with a bold font):

Table of Functional Groups according toTable of Functional Groups according to (Cron 2006)

You will never find all the listed functions in one and the same interactive map. Interactive Atlases feature the most functions. In the next chapter, we explain the various functions and show you a few screenshots of some functions for each functional group or subgroup.


You want to produce an interactive map that visualises the population density of Switzerland. Which of the functions listed above would you integrate in the interactive map? Consider the User Centered-Design where the requirements of the end user are very important.

Put a list of your chosen functions and one reason for each function why to implement it, on the Discussion Board "Functional Groups". Look at the entries of your colleagues. If you do not agree with an entry of your colleagues discuss it on the discussion board.

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