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1.8. Glossary

Colour Gradient:
Colour gradient is a smooth blending of shades from light to dark or from one colour to another.
An event is an action or occurance to which an application can respond. Examples of events are clicks, key presses, and mouse movements (Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN))
Lighting refers to the devices or techniques used for illumination, ususally referring to artificial light sources such as lamps or flashlights.
A network is a group of two or more things or people. This notion is often used in terms of "computer network", where computer systems are linked together so that they can exchange data and share resources.
A path is a sequence of vertices. Thereby the connection type (line, curve) for every two points has to be specified.
Transparency defines the ability of an object to allow light to pass through it. Therefore a transparent object is one that can be seen trough.

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