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1. Internet Techniques and Web Formats

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to distinguish the terms "Internet" and "WWW".
  • You will be able to explain the functions of different protocols.
  • You will be able to distiguish between raster graphics and vector graphics format.


When starting the cartouche homepage in a browser, you are using Internet, because you can access the homepage only via Internet. You certainly do not only use the Internet for the purpose of studies but also during your spare time. For example when you are reading your e-mails, or googling for an issue, etc.

Various applications often need either Internet or the WWW.

In this lesson we will teach you how the Internet works. And since you learned in the first lesson, that there is a difference between the Internet and the WWW, we will resume this subject.

If you could choose between an e-learning lesson featuring only text and one that includes also images, you would definitely choose the one with the images. Webpages as well operate a lot with images to gain customers. Therefore, we introduce the common graphics formats that are used in the Internet.

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