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1.3. View design

Learning Objectives

You will be able to ...

  • describe different forms of point based information and issues related to their presentation.
  • list different ways in which such information are relevant to the users at different moments.
  • suggest how relevance can be communicated graphically so that it can be described dynamically during the course of an activity.


(Ostrem 2003)

LBS usage tends to be based around short and frequent interactions with a device rather than the browsing behaviour that is employed for other types of computer access. This means that relevant aspects of information must be communicated to users rapidly and effectively. As we have seen in the previous unit, LBS data have many attributes that can be described. The problem is then to decide which are relevant and how they can be communicated visually. In this unit, we will focus more on design issues involved presenting information to users in appropriate ways.

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